Interview #3


“Tell me about yourself” asked another interviewer

“See I am jobless for last 2 years. No reason in particular just that I didn’t feel like working. Now that I am planning a child I thought it would be in good interest to get back to a job.” I replied in its entire entirety.

“Ookay. How long are you married?” he asked. This seems like an organization that had no problem with children.

“Well I am not yet. But I am planning to.” I said

“Engaged huh” He said with a wink.

“Yes hopefully before the marriage.” I rolled back to my 9 yards plan desperately hoping that he’ll not ask where I wanted to see myself 5 years from now.

You see, I am not a good liar. Also because highs and lies somehow are not the best of pals. I stick to truth cos chances are in moments to come I’ll forget all that I had cooked. One thing I have understood over the years is that liar truly needs a good memory and mine is quite selective.

Besides I don’t get why ask such questions anyways? Who, I mean who gives an honest answer … its like being asked “are you cheating on me and tell me the truth” … yeah sure as if there’s a righ answer to that.

“So where do u see yourself 5 years from now?” he asked breaking my trail of thought.


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