So Cute!


Babies are all pervasive … they dominate the FB pages, TV, movies are made on them, barely out of the crib and they are actors, singers and rock stars. The entire adv world depends upon them, its like an epidemic.

Babies are just about everywhere and somehow they all crawl into “so cute” category. Trust me I can count the “cute” babies on the pinky of my right hand. I one on the left was briefly stolen by someone’s baby that was given in my “care”. I blame the parents for making a bad call. They beg to differ but then who cares. If they are dumb enough to have a child how can they be relied upon for any other sensible decision.

Anyways so what happened was simple, the baby crawled under the bed while I was watching TV. It was the movie Serendipity and I kinda got lost in it for whatever is the duration of the movie. The good thing is that whatever the baby tried to do happened after the movie. Boy would the other way be annoying.

Anyways so this baby crawled out of bed and sneaked under the bed, it’s a surprise that that happened for the first time. I think strangers somehow stimulate the babies to entertain them with newer antiques. The bed was pretty high and crawling in and out of bed was anyways my argument with the parents however it was somehow not taken seriously enough.

Anyways (gosh another para starting with anyways), the hapless me tried to cajole the baby out but I guess it didn’t find it that cute and remained there unperturbed. A few more tricks including food, toys and like also failed to achieve much, leaving me with no choice but to use the stick. Now, one has to also understand here that so far all my experiences about fetching revolved around puppies. And babies apparently don’t like to be poked I learnt, especially with a stick.

On a separate note I think one of the best ways to teach a lesson to babies is to start crying louder than them when they begin to. I mean seriously that is the most annoying feature about them.

So anyways, to make matters worse the baby began to crawl further inside the bed towards the wall side which looked like a body can be stashed there for a few days till the police investigation is over. Believe it not, properly grilled n all and for some reasons I thought that baby could pass through those grills towards what looked like Neverland. Panic gripped me, in that brief moment I mustered all the sanity I was left with over what felt like a few hours’ worth of wailing, reached inside grabbed whatever that came to my hand and pulled it out. It felt way heavier than what I had initially anticipated also wet, but then that is a very common state in which babies are found, so I ignored it.

Something didn’t feel right and my eyes fell upon a trail of liquid red something on the floor. I don’t remember if I got enough time to process it consciously.

The next I remember was waking up in a hospital where my pinky looked like someone has stuck a golf ball on it. I don’t know who called the EMS, may be the baby did. I clearly was more helpless.

“So cute” commented a friend upon hearing the story behind the pinky.



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