One head too many…


I know I am a nobody however I still think world could be managed much better with far less drama, in a lot simpler ways.

I am just returning from literally untouched civilizations which are recently been introduced to the concept of greed by none other than … wait for it … govt.

The local govt there is promoting rubber plantation to aid the income of poor tribal people. That they are poor is also a fact introduced to them by the govt itself. Acres and acres of wild & historic forests were burned down to make way for rubber farms.

And this is not an isolated case. Most govts, most of the times, seem to make decision that defies common sense. I mean I really find the formula to solve problems like global warming, economy , terrorism, quite … how do I say it … non intelligent.

For that matter with global warming I am genuinely confused if its real or another marketing ploy like that 12.12.12 thing. I mean nobody looks that serious! Besides aren’t we crying nuclear war louder than that? Or maybe our confidence comes from the fact that we know we are going to beat nature to it.


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