Such is life…

Somebody has rightly said, life happened when I was busy doing other things.

meaning of life

First part of my life I lived for family and their expectations; organic by nature, I let nature take its course to solve that problem. Teenage was enough.

Next part was for love. Fell in love, with a bit too many people at a go. Mistake, by the way, there is something called too much love 😀

Anyways, next was for money. Short Term plans obviously. A year, in my dictionary is long term. (Just thought sharing legend would help us eliminate needless mismatch of expectations, a genre I seem to master)

Forth phase for career. Did well too. I mean I am a jerk but not an ass, or the other way, not sure.

And here I am in the middle of yet another … lack of purpose. Hmm should I do a course on Interior Decoration?


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