Who is Airtel?

“It’s not my fault” he yelled back at me, “it’s the airtel’s fault” he managed to add

customer serviceTravelling on international phone connection is a bad idea. It costs more than airfare. I was to stay for a few months so buying a local connection seemed like a good option. Anyways getting a SIM card in today’s times of global terrorism in itself is an experience but that story, I guess, some other time.

So I got a SIM card with a promise that internet will start within 4 hours. If I am not wrong then some 4 weeks went by on that promise. Anyways, I didn’t want to put myself through the ordeal of buying a new SIM card so I decided to wait and if need be, fight it out. But what I soon discovered is that I have horribly underestimated the power of – wait for it – the dreaded Customer Service!

Various solutions were provided to me by various people through various mediums like phone, online, mails, in person and so on but alas, nothing worked. I grew more and more exasperated and conversations and walk ins to SIM card company’s galleries became more and more confrontational. There was however an odd commonality between all those interactions. Every time I got into an argument with a Customer Servicer, he / she invariably ended up telling me “Maam don’t yell at me, its not my fault … it’s the Airtel’s”.

Airtel is the company whose SIM card it was and it claims itself the largest network in the country.

Anyways frustrated I finally shot the following mail to their customer service:

Dear Customer Service,

I have 2 suggestions, a question and a request.

First of all I’d like to suggest that you invest a little bit of your adv budget in say improving your services. It may not be the management thing to do but it is known to work. You can verify this by flipping through something called History.

Secondly, who is Airtel? I strongly suggest that you find this Airtel guy. Trust me he seems to be the mother of, or father of, all your problems.

And lastly the request, I’d like to meet this Airtel guy.



Barely moments later, while I was still browsing somewhere on that page itself, my inbox buzzed. It was a mail from Airtel. Dreading that the mail probably bounced back as it was too early for anyone to have responded, I opened to check what the matter was. It had not bounced back, lucky me, I thought briefly. It was, in fact, an acknowledgement, auto generated, of course.

Well simply put, a few weeks later I just got myself another SIM card. As for Airtel, I never heard from them.


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