Those who do not travel see only a page…

travel“Take me with you” she said as her eyes remain glued to the tab “when you go from here” she added sheepishly.

She had recently spent about $ 200 on the internet getting herself looks from summer all the way to winter including the seasons I thought were colors.

“Sure” I answered “by the way do you know how much it costs?” I asked simply to fish for her understanding of “foreign travel”.

I think there truly exists no better teacher than travel. No matter how long or short, how near or far, it is not possible to not make memories or learn lessons from them. I think the best part about travel is with every trip one becomes more confident and sure of themselves. I think it’s a law of nature of some kind.


Though often used interchangeably, travel is different from holiday. Travel is undertaken to widen one’s horizons whereas holidays, no matter what is it for, ultimately turns into fighting with or avoiding families.

Which brings me to slight detour; why are families so hell bent on reaching out. Maybe that’s how the quote “misery needs company” originated.

Anyways the biggest myth I think around travel is that “One can’t afford it”. Travelling is not an expensive affair as such. For that matter the longer you live at a place the cheaper it gets to live. For example rent for a month is $ 500 whereas hotel bill for 2-3 days would also amount to more or less the same.

For me, travel is pertinent for me to keep going. I religiously take off for a few months every once in a while. Live amongst locales, meet people, gather stories, listen to their tales and perils. Eat what people in the area eat at home, get perspectives and just soak in the place for whatever it truly is. Take interest in the local economy, helps also in case I run out of money, just pick up a job or so and pay bills for a while. There are trips I have undertaken wherein I had more in my pocket upon my return than what I started with.

And contrary to what it sounds like it is not an itinerary for the “just out of college” types only, it’s been a while since that for me.

I know it’s a beaten topic about earn, save, prioritize your expense etc. however come to think of it, buying a new version of smart phone cannot be a goal either. I mean it can be but not a very tempting one. For me, it has a grip too flimsy which is easily outlasted by newer versions. Also I noted that most travels I have undertaken are at a cost for less than a smart Smart Phone.

The common sense, observation, gut and survival that travel is capable of teaching, few other things can. Besides it really does make one a far more interesting person. And no, it doesn’t take savings; it just takes a bit of courage.

They say life’s a book and those who don’t travel …. See only a page.


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