Inky-Pinky-Ponky … father IS a donkey!



For those who are not following news or have lost interest or have been left confused by conflicting news on concurrent days, this is basically same as saying “We are not stupid…we are really that stupid.”

So US has decided against the ground attacks in places of conflicts like Iraq, Syria etc. Instead it’ll help train the locals, who will carry on from there on against organizations like IS etc. The bill has been passed by senate with astounding majority as it saves US lives and a huge budget has also been sanctioned to see it being implemented. Great!

Now I, for one, still cannot figure out how US began to be featured in the World Wars, I mean besides the love letter from Queen logic. So clearly I am confused about the news above.

Well my obvious confusion no. 1 is exactly how is it our business? (but I guess obvious is often the most invisible)

Anyways confusion no. 2 is why is it not done within the “sending men for ground attack” budget? Why additional budget?

And lastly isn’t this the exact same strategy that was used in Afghanistan? A few decades later and viola … there was Taliban.

I think the most scientific logic politicians use is: Inky-Pinky-Ponky




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