Priority #1


Nature is basically an inconvenience which we are hell bent to beat. We want to live comfortably and nature somehow always finds a way to butt in with its rules and things like rain & sunshine. Its not that we want to live totally away from nature, I mean a pot or two in the hall does add to the decore`, besides we can always meet nature over holidays. But everyday is a bit much, isn’t it?

And its not just this planet, lately we have realized that we “might” have another problem – aliens. But unlike nature here we are better prepared. Some wise people are apparently already researching on developing the billion dollar weaponry, just in case. The fact that we don’t exactly know it exists yet, is clearly besides the point. This is apparently an important priority. I have read somewhere that the surest sign that alien exists is that it hasn’t revealed itself, these guys clearly have not.

I mean don’t turn cave man and no I like FB and social networking sites. My problem is with things like low absorb oil and sugar free sweetener. I mean can we not stop making soda cans instead of making jeans out of that?

I may be totally out of line here but seriously who assigns these kinda priorities?




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