Money Honey!


To understand Economy requires a genius that a scientist just doesn’t have.

I think, a shareholder is basically an idiot who makes about 5-10 bucks a year in dividend by investing thousands. I seriously have never received more than that even from those Blue Chip ones who claim to have declared some 500% every year since the last century.

Personally I don’t even know anyone who has made millions through Stock Exchange however all including me invest in it primarily cos some Financial Consultant claims that it is how Warren Buffet did. And then promptly after the sale the guy resigns, joins some other company & then stakes the same claim again.

“There was a time when we could have one look at the Balance Sheet and could know the truth from graft” said one of the elderly uncles who was retiring as Finance Controller of a large PSU, “now, it can mean anything” he added.

There was a time when communication was minimal and data was correct. Also the cycle was simple, promoter came up with a business plan, opened an IPO urging people to look into his plan and invest if they have faith. If a company is registered on stock exchange there were chances that they at least had a business or have serious plans to have one. Now opening an IPO is the business.

Profits are made by raising millions and billions in smaller lots of merely tens & hundreds from each investor in return to shares. “Official loans are expensive and have strict conditions associated wherein IPO is investor’s problem” stated one of the rare breeds  of honest Financial Consultants, “IPO is the cheapest form of raising money. There’s no interest and often not more than a mere fraction actually goes towards actual plan, if there is one that is,” he said.

I understand that future is unpredictable no matter what we are talking about, however past often can be zeroed down to the last of T. For example The Big Bang. I am surprised as to how something as manmade and as new as Sensex cannot be explained with 100% accuracy irrespective of the number of variables. How difficult SP-CP is profit has been made to become?

The figure of global recession was touted as greater than the money ever printed. ?? Exactly how did that figure even come about into being?



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