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marital status

If there exists one solution to all problems, it is Marriage. (Period.)

For at least a few years now every discussion I had and every problem that I had shared with my parents has somehow reached this conclusion to an extent that I began to believe that marriage is probably parent’s way of getting rid of children.

You see as much as people aspire and talk highly about having children, it kinda becomes less cute when you have children of your own and thus begin finding more and more acceptable ways to distant self. After years of tending and caring marriage becomes the perfect solution for parents to give away child and finally exercise the benefits of having children without facing any of the wraths. Once a child is married the slate is wiped clean and the scribbles henceforth are blamed on spouses.

There’s no bigger example of mass illusion than marriage. Personally I think marriage is invented to just keep people busy. Since 90% of those producing have IQs lower than 90% of the population, it is important to keep them occupied. Religion I guess just added the fuel to the fire. Marriage and children simply meant increase in the number of followers.

If education was drilled down to the extent that marriage has I’d say marriage would have been rendered useless and there’ll be only 4 people in the world today, all of them gays. Anyways it’s not surprising that people spend more on their marriage than they do in the lifetime of education. And this is true from poorest of the poors to those with golden spoons and shirts.

On a separate note, I can’t understand why people oppose gay marriages? I think the best revenge is to let them. But then I don’t understand why gays wanna get married? I mean haven’t straights already done enough damage?

Marriage is the millionth fix.


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