Yes / No ….Whatever!

Yes or No is a difficult question to answer for people like us.


My parents left their home country in search of a miracle land, where I was born.

It is easier to say that “I am from here”, the truth though is far from this. The truth is whether I am from here or there is indeed a debatable topic, even for me. For me it is like choosing between parents.

Say in case a war breaks out between my skin nation and resident nation, I doubt my loyalties would be blind. Chances are that I will take a higher ground, i.e. I support the less evil or I don’t support war types.

It’s not just me, there are millions of us. In times of global economies, multinationals, migration, immigration, 2nd generation ethnic communities and Russell Peters, isn’t it odd to talk about YES or NO.

Exactly when are we planning to start propagating against national borders, or at least leave making the current ones even shorter?

When was the last time a governance, self / imposed / outsourced / democratic or otherwise, ever worked?

Can someone please tell me, exactly what will it solve? What is the point of all this??




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