Where are you from?

“Where are you from?” he asked

“What do you mean” I replied a bit baffled “from here!” I added

Illegal immigrants

“No no I mean, where you are originally from?” he insisted. He was probably referring to my brown skin in an otherwise predominantly white nation.

“My parents migrated here, but as far me, I was born here and have known nothing else” I said

“oh okay” he acknowledged simply

Years later I decided to fulfill the promise I had made to my mother. “It is time” I reminded myself and bought the first & of course the cheapest (I am brown after all :P) seat available.

“So where are you from?” he asked. It was more like a collective question that all of them wanted to ask since hello.

They were my fellow travelers in a very long journey in a train. All of them were doing phd or something equally mind boggling.

“What do you mean?” I asked, I had answered this question all my life wondering what it would be like to finally be there where I am apparently from, “clearly I am from here?” I insisted.

“Yeah yeah, I get it” he answered casually “I mean where you are originally from?” He asked probably wondering from my foreign accent.

“My parents migrated from here and after years of missing home, they got back to the country they called home” I said “I, on the other hand, have been looking for one ever since”


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